Luxury yacht from Vancouver to Desolation Sound and Pendrell Sound

Cruising along the shoreline in a super luxurious yacht is an experience everyone loves to enjoy. As the wind hits your face and the sun's rays fall on your skin, you will feel much closer to nature. Plus, the salty smell of seawater will tantalize your senses, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether you want to have fun with your family for a few days or more after a tiring quarter or want to separate yourself from the crowd for a few weeks, travelling on a yacht is a superb idea.

An adventure that brings you closer to the nature

Suppose you are planning to go on an adventurous tour. In that case, the best option will be to lease or charter a luxurious yacht and cruise along the shorelines of the British Columbian province in the westernmost part of Canada. The vast expanse of the pacific ocean and the outstanding views of the Rocky Mountains make the ambience so calming and peaceful that you will be enchanted with the beauty.

Usually, the charter is for 7 days, 10 days or longer as the shoreline of British Columbia is quite long, and you might want to stop at the marinas and explore the land further to have the ultimate fun. If you plan a more extended trip, you can request the yacht charter company to customize the itinerary according to your wishes. This ensures that you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A brief itinerary plan for cruising along the British Columbian shoreline in a luxury yacht

The starting point of your adventurous trip is in Vancouver. This city is said to be the most popular in all of Canada, especially in the westernmost provinces, which are the least densely-inhabitated compared to eastern cities like Toronto or Ottawa. The city holds the majority of the population in the entire province of British Columbia, with some of the best places you can visit before the trip.

For instance, you can visit Glacier National Park to marvel at the natural beauty that instantly captivates your attention. You can also visit one of the most popular ski resorts in the Canadian country, the Whistler Blackcomb, the famed ski resort.

Once your adventure begins, you will cruise along the waterways while nestling the picturesque shoreline including mountain ranges overlooking the entire water expanse from the far regions.

You will be cruising and stopping at various locations to take a break from the water to experience luxury dining, exclusive remote lodges, and some of the world's best golfing. In addition, there are many marinas where you can park the yacht for some daytime adventure before returning back to the water.

Your first final destination is Desolation Sound. You can stop here for a day or two before cruising further along the majestic waterways towards Pendrell Sound.

Desolation Sound and Pendrell Sound- the hidden gems

Desolation Sound is the last point of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. The entire area offers an exquisite view of the lofty mountains and temperate rainforest. The water here is warm, and taking a dip or swimming around for about half an hour won't be a problem. Alternatively, you may choose to relax in the jacuzzi hot tub on board with a cocktail and horderves to relax your tensed muscles while your mind winds as you immerse into that warm soothing water.

As you slowly cruise further into the sheltered waters of Desolation Sound, the open area will gradually transform into narrow waterways, with small islands on either side. You can camp on the pocket shorelines with sandy beaches on some of the world's most exclusive uninhabited islands. Since your luxury yacht will be equipped with wakeboards, two ocean kayaks and a sport cruising boat, you can easily enjoy watersports; after all, Desolation Sound, with its inlets, is perfect for kayaking and even snorkelling.

Once you are done taking in the views at Desolation Sound and enjoying yourself for a day or two, move along the way towards Pendrell Sound. Mount Addenbrooke and Mount Bunsen are the two most prominent landmarks here in this region. It branches off from the Waddington channel. As you move, you will reach deeper into the waterways of East Redonda Island.

Offerings with the luxury yacht you will get

Your luxury yacht comes with an impressive list of offers. Following are the benefits you may choose to adventure with on this tour:

1. 2 Ocean Kayaks,

2. A 5-star galley fully equipped with everything needed to prepare and enjoy your fresh catch of the day along with all possible sides for the entire charter,

3. Prawn and crab traps to catch the fantastic fresh cuisine the sea has to offer from the nearby shorelines at Desolation Sound and Pendrell Sound,

4. Pails and clamming shovels to help you dig the sand for hidden delicious treasures,

5. Oyster pry bars and lessons for the best experience,

6. Scuba diving gear to help you explore the underwater world that will bring you much closer to the undiscovered marine life,

7. Fishing poles lures and bait to help you try out your angler skills in some of the best ocean shoreline fishing the world has to offer.

Best places to stop by along the cruise

Since you will be cruising along the shoreline for about 7, 10, or more days, you might want to plan some stops in your itinerary. The following are a few of the places you must visit without any compromise.

1. Poets Cove Resort & Spa

Located in the Southern Gulf Islands, this resort location is said to be the most premium in the area. It comes with a marina where you can keep the yacht for the day or night.

2. Dent Island Lodge

Also known to be the epitome of adventure and beauty, this fishing lodge is located in the remote part of the British Columbian western coastline.

3. Sonora Resort

Located right at the heart of the archipelago of Discovery Island in British Columbia, this resort offers an exquisite view of the waterways, rugged islands, and lofty mountain hills.

4. Dennis Washington Golf Course

This is one of the largest and most famous golf courses in the world to visit during your charter along the shorelines of British Columbia.


Cruising along the remote locations of British Columbian waterways is a breath-taking opportunity you will not want to miss. But that's not all! Your final destinations, Desolation Sound and Pendrell Sound will help you detach yourself from mundane city life and bask in the beauty and pristine natural ambience. The cacophonous silence, the lofty mountains, uninhabited islands, pocket sand, and the narrow coastlines make these locations the best for unwinding and enjoying time with your family or friends.

Thanks for reading!

-Captain Bill

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